Suggestion: Pls add...

Suggestion: Pls add a -15 second / +15 second rewind/fastforward feature  


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11/03/2018 2:30 pm  

Ya - we can slide the time-elapsed bar left/right, but I find it handy to jump in set bites to revisit something. Thanks for considering it




Hi Everyone!  

I’m sorry for the inconvenience but I am in the process of doing a major re-vitalization of SurvivormanTV!

Those of you who are members, as of this temporary closing of the site, will still be members when I come back. In fact, you will have VIP privileges and be newly titled “charter members.”  

All subscriptions paid for will be honored or refunded promptly.

So hold tight and I promise more to come soon! 

Les aka Survivorman


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