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29/07/2018 5:42 pm  

Greetings, I'm Kevin, I've become a huge fan of Les' work over the years. I'm employed as a Firefighter/Paramedic and live in a very rural area just a stone's through from Mount Rainier National Park here in Washington state, where my wife and I raise our two young children. I originally grew up in a small lumber town known as Port Angeles, this is really where my love of the outdoors began, as I was fortunate to have Olympic National Park for my backyard/playground. We also lived very close to Vancouver Island,British Columbia. I went on many camping trips there, primarily at Pacific Rim. This is also where I began my love for hockey, which has extended to my family. I became a volunteer for our local search and rescue unit at age 15, we were taught survival skills but the training is and was rather basic, I suppose that's why I really enjoy Survivorman, educational and entertaining without the theatrics of other shows. In my free time, I can typically be found fishing(primarily tiger musky), hiking/climbing or working in my garden. I think this describes me in a nutshell. 


Thank you!


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Hi Everyone!  

I’m sorry for the inconvenience but I am in the process of doing a major re-vitalization of SurvivormanTV!

Those of you who are members, as of this temporary closing of the site, will still be members when I come back. In fact, you will have VIP privileges and be newly titled “charter members.”  

All subscriptions paid for will be honored or refunded promptly.

So hold tight and I promise more to come soon! 

Les aka Survivorman


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