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Posted by: SMTV-Barry

YouTube videos get stolen plus income from views runs .004c so you need millions of views to make any money.

bottom line youtube only works for youtube.

We have had every youtube video uploaded stolen....every single one.


That's fair enough. Twitch is a little different though as you can have it set so only payed subscribers can view your content. You get a free monthly subscription if you have Amazon Prime (they own Twitch). So those that already have an Amazon prime account can view it for free and the creator still gets the money (less Twitch/Amazon's cut). To get that though you have to hit viewing targets for consecutive months but they aren't that hard to hit. 

Couple of my friends are able to make a living off of Twitch and Youtube, but probably not the numbers Les is looking for to pay for creating his content. 

Les should look into partnering with Ed Stafford and doing a series for TV or streaming service. The only two out there that do survival TV right. I think that it would sell well.

GENERAL Forum Buddha_Mack
RE: Advertising for SMTVnetwork? Mon, 07 May 2018 17:26:25 +0000 Barry, who was that experience with?

You guys had an MCN or just ran through AdSense? 


GENERAL Forum RMoody
RE: Advertising for SMTVnetwork? Tue, 01 May 2018 22:13:09 +0000 Les would have been better off just creating a YouTube/ Twitch channel at no cost to him so he would have saved a lot of web page development costs. He would receive advertising revenue and on Twitch you can set it so only subscribers can view your content thus generating more monthly income. As Amazon own Twitch if you have a Amazon prime account you get a free monthly subscription each month to a channel of your choice, so for many they wouldn't have to pay to view it and Les still gets the income from the subscription. 

I believe that it would have been easier for him and would have taken off faster as there are so many Twitch and Youtube users that would find it or it would pop up in their recommended playlist. Nobody really wants to pay a separate fee to a channel that only has one source of content on it, some of us did but that turned many off. If Les built and audience on YouTube he would be earning far more than he ever would on this site.

GENERAL Forum Buddha_Mack
RE: Advertising for SMTVnetwork? Tue, 01 May 2018 20:36:42 +0000 I found out about it because I was on the verge of buying all the seasons on DVD, and emailed the website to see if there was an all-in-one package price if I bought them all. They told me to come here. 

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Advertising for SMTVnetwork? Tue, 17 Apr 2018 00:25:45 +0000 Hey everyone, 

Les mentioned that there isn't enough investment in this network to justify producing the amount that he would like too, the reason for this I think is not lack of interest, but lack of awareness.

I personally found out about this site by googling "streaming survivorman" several days in a row looking for online resources to watch the show. I don't have cable, it's not on any of the streaming services I pay for, and I don't torrent. After several days playing around trying to find a resource, I finally came to this site- and here we are. 

The reason for my post, it seems to be a common thread for people that they stumble into this place. Is there any method for getting the word out there for other survivorman fans? I would love to see this place grow to the point where Les can add as much as he said he would like too.

GENERAL Forum Carl